N I N A    S U N D S T R O M

Singer-Songwriter, Bristol-ish.



Nina Sundstrom (formerly Writer's Rain) is a singer-songwriter recently returning to her hometown of Bristol with a distinctive and compelling style.


Supporters herald the simplicity of her music, as uncomplicated guitar lines carry delicate vocals, which rise to the forefront and captivate audiences large and small. Nina consistently delivers a brazen honesty with a sweetness that will catch you off guard. The effortless quality of her voice is unquestionably alluring and provides the perfect medium for conveying the intelligence and sincerity that lie at the heart of both herself and her music. FFO Phoebe Bridgers, Laura Marling, Joni Mitchell, Carole King.



‘Her lyrics are far more mature than her age might suggest’ - With Just a Hint of Mayhem.

'A rare talent' - Joanna Forbes Lestrange, songwriter and composer.



Get in touch with any queries! Drop an email to nina.sundst@gmail.com or head to the socials at the top of the page for more.

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