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Captivating singer-songwriter delivering heartfelt songs with a brazen honesty that will catch you off guard.

Eleanor, offered as a self-sufficient closure to a drifted friendship effortlessly showcases the sentimental lyricism and alluring vocals of Writer’s Rain.

Writer’s Rain is a singer-songwriter who made her way through the York open mic scene while completing a degree in neuroscience, gaining fans and devoted followers along the way. Returning to her home town of Bristol she is excited to see what the city has to offer to further develop the distinctive and compelling musician that has already begun to emerge. She is launching this new chapter decisively with the release of the heart-stopping Eleanor, showcasing her sentimental lyricism and delicate vocals impeccably and quickly kindling a fondness from listeners of all walks of life. 

Since her return she has flourished, earning first place in the 18+ songwriting category of the Unlock Your Talent competition run by multi-award winner Rachel Mason, receiving praise from judge Joanna Forbes-Lestrange for her heartfelt delivery of strikingly original lyrics. Since then, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with songwriters Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Nathan Nicholson, pitching songs to artists with previous chart success, including a group who topped the US billboard dance charts as well as a British artist with 13 previous top 10 hits.

She credits her songwriting aptitude in part to her foundations in classical music, having had the fortune of training with the National Youth Choirs of Great Britain. This has not only nurtured the development of an alluring vocalist, but also provided her an exceptional education in writing vocal melodies and setting them within harmonic context. Alongside a home-schooling in the sentimental lyricism of folk and blues music, she has developed an unquestionable ability to marry lyrics and melody seamlessly, resulting in powerful songs consistently delivered with a brazen honesty that will catch you off guard.

This is evident in the forthcoming release, Eleanor, delivered as a message of ‘self-sufficient closure’ for a friendship that has drifted due to indifference. Beginning simply with guitar and vocals, the production builds effortlessly at the hands of Mikey Donnelly of Look Mum! Records, with stylistic resemblances to the works of Gia Margaret and Phoebe Bridgers. The introduction of subtle but raw piano flourishes complement her honest and sincere lyrical style remarkably, delivering the message of the song with clarity and a sensitive significance that typically comes with decades of experience. 

Scheduled for release on October 30th, this song is the hallmark of an emotionally intelligent and musically perceptive artist who is set to flourish in the coming years.

‘Her lyrics are far more mature than her age might suggest’ - With Just a Hint of Mayhem.

‘A rare talent’ – Joanna Forbes Lestrange, Unlock your Talent songwriting judge.

‘Unbelievably gifted, definitely one to watch!’ Rachel Mason, multi-award winning songwriter and vocal coach.

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